Wiress is the Victor of the 36th Hunger Games.


Wiress years after her victory.

Games Description Edit

Arena: 2000s-era battlefield

Wiress, being from District Three, knew her only chance lay in manufacturing a weapon. At the Bloodbath, she ignored the higher-profile items in favor of a lighter, a roll of tape, and a tiny utility knife. She took shelter inside a house, calculating how long she had before the Careers had killed the stronger Tributes and would come looking for her.

As she waited, she constructed her weapon. Using a pipe, a circuit board from the wall of the ruined house, wads of siding from the roof, and her lighter, she constructed a firearm. Her first victim was a boy who spotted her and attacked. After that, the only Tribute left was the boy from Two. She knew he was searching for her and went out into an open area. When he found her, he ran at her to get close enough to throw his spear. That was exactly what Wiress wanted, since her gun shot a lot farther.

Personality Edit

Even before the Games, Wiress was withdrawn and shy. She had difficulty relating to other people and was often overwhelmed if forced to leave her house. She is a mechanical and mathematical genius, but this came at the expense of other forms of intelligence. She prefers to keep to herself and makes friends rarely.

The trauma and uncertainty of the Games further damaged Wiress' already unstable psyche. She retreated further into herself and rarely speaks to anyone other than her mentor Beetee. She suffers from silent flashbacks that resemble absence seizures, and in times of stress she exhibits vocal perseveration.

Successful Mentorships Edit


Talent Edit

Speed mathematics

Trivia Edit

  • Capitol doctors consider Wiress mentally ill, but they cannot agree on what the exact diagnosis is.
  • Wiress greatly enjoys the soothing certainty of ticking clocks.
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