Theodora Harp is a Gamemaker


A candid shot of Theodora captures her naturally expressive face

Biography Edit

Theodora Harp was born in the year of the 2nd Hunger Games. She displayed a civic and organized disposition, and wanted to work with the Games from a young age. At the age of 18, she began an internship with the council of Gamemakers, performing secretarial and logistical duties. She thrived in the fast-paced and demanding environment, and at the age of 21, she was offered a permanent position. She began as an Assistant Gamemaker specializing in logistics and finance. At the age of 24, she was promoted to Gamemaker, her current position.

Description of Duties Edit

Theodora specializes in logistics and finances, working mainly with the sponsor system. She aids in determining the yearly lineup of offered supplies and votes along with the other Gamemakers when there are unusual requests. She also participates in research and development of new weaponry to add novelty to the Games.

Personality Edit

Theodora is a gregarious and outgoing woman. She likes to party and laughs easily and loudly. She is an unashamed sensualist, enjoying the finer things in life and living a luxurious lifestyle. She is highly organized and possesses prodigious logistical intelligence, but she prefers to use those things for work and live the rest of her life by her feelings.

Relationships Edit

Harlequin Marceau Edit

Theodora Harp has been in a relationship with Harlequin Marceau since the two met when Marceau came to the Games Center as Master of Ceremonies. They enjoy an open relationship and are not jealous.

Trivia Edit

  • Theodora enjoys pre-Dark Days television shows and has an immense private collection.
  • Theodora is unambitious, preferring to keep her current job and not pursue promotion. She does not care for the increased pressure and decreased life expectancy of Head Gamemakers.
  • Since Harlequin's dismissal, Theodora has collaborated with her on Private Session Reports so that the pair can spend more time together.
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