Shelle two years before she volunteered

Shelle McDan is the Victor of the 18th Hunger Games

Games Description Edit

Arena: Grassland with pockets of forest

Shelle took an unconventional approach to the Games for a Career, in keeping with her escort Mags. Instead of trying to master half a dozen weapons, she practiced one specific routine and perfected it, resulting in a higher score than she truly deserved. Her goal was to get a high score to aid her quest to charm the Capitolites, netting the maximum amount of sponsors.

In the Games, Shelle rode her sponsors to victory. She was capable of using the weapons and supplies they sent, and they did not hesitate to send them. She enthusiastically expressed gratitude and excitement, making her sponsors eager to send more. She was not overly enthusiastic when it came to killing, but she knew that was how to win the Games and she knew what her sponsors wanted to see. She quickly split from the Career alliance and returned to kill them after they were weakened from hunger. She then killed the rest of the three remaining Tributes one by one, earning victory.

Personality Edit

There are two sides to Shelle McDan. The side the Capitol sees is her public persona. She plays to her crowd and appears as anything they want her to be. She expressed undying love and thanks to the Capitol for supporting her in the Games and makes appearances loyally at the Academy in Four.

In private, Shelle is much more laid-back. She has come to recognize the absurdity of volunteering for the Hunger Games and does not consider herself a hero like many Careers. She is pragmatic as a mentor and tells her charges that honor and glory do not matter half as much as Capitol support.

Shelle dutifully makes appearances at the Academy as her position requires, but she no longer feels the need to participate in Games culture. She appreciates the fame and riches her victory brought her, but she prefers to spend her time participating in a number of hobbies.

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  • Shelle is lazy at heart and foists mentoring duties on Mags whenever possible, resulting in Mags mentoring Careen