Sequoia Wilson is the Victor of the Fourth Hunger Games.


Sequoia showing the advantages of a life in Seven

Games Description Edit

Arena: Mountain and coniferous forest

Sequoia had several advantages in her Games. Seven was one of the first Districts to get a mentor, and Paul was a great asset. The Arena was also advantageous for her, and she had the help of an ally in her District partner Will. At the Cornucopia, Will and Sequoia both gained hatchets. They ran into the forest. Since the Careers had not developed yet, they were by far the strongest pair. While most of the other Tributes died of natural causes, Sequoia and Paul did kill anyone who they found. In one of those fights, Paul was killed, leaving Sequoia to eliminate the rest of the Tributes, which she did.

Personality Edit

Sequoia has always been willing to do what it takes to survive. She does not see the point in dwelling on past sins or regrets. Had she not been forced into the Games, she never would have been violent, but she does not consider herself responsible for murders the Capitol forced upon her. She has spent much of her post-Games life using her wealth and influence to ease conditions for the lumberjacks of her District.

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Trivia Edit

  • Sequoia is the first Victor to go into the Games planning to kill.
  • She does not paint the watercolors that she shows as her talent. She lacks artistic ability and instead hired a more creative citizen of Seven as a ghost painter.
  • At the time of her Victory, Sequoia was 18.