Rudolph Shmits is the Victor of the 29th Hunger Games.


Post-Games Rudolph demonstrates his questionable fashion sense

Games Description Edit

Arena: Rocky plateaus

Rudolph was not a Career, but he was in it to win it. He used his pre-existing knowledge of traps to ensnare both Tributes and food. The latter proved perhaps more instrumental in his victory, since there were no sources of water in the Arena. Rudolph got his fluid intake by drinking the blood of the lizards and rodents he caught. While this would usually cause iron poisoning, the animals in the Arena were altered to allow for this scenario.

Rudolph caught and killed one Tribute before the finale. Most of his competition died by Career or by dehydration, leaving only one other girl left. Rudolph set traps across the Arena and attached noisemakers to them so he would know when she was caught. When he eventually caught her, he was able to locate and kill her as she dangled upside-down.

Personality Edit

Rudolph was underwhelmed with life as a Victor. He lacked empathy and wasn't bothered by his killings, since he did not volunteer for the Games. He enjoyed the riches but didn't care for the adoration that came with it. People always wanted to be with him and talk to him, but he felt like they were posers. They wanted to know about the Games, but they didn't know what it was like, and had he been damaged like most Victors, their insensitive questions would have been painful. He especially disliked how everyone saw him as a Victor and not just a person. He wanted to have friends who were equals, not groupies.

After the Games, Rudolph returned to his District and preferred to live a modest life. He enjoys spending time with people who knew him before the Games and don't treat him differently. He also enjoys natural hobbies such as rock-climbing.

Relationship with Pray Jager Edit

Rudolph was drawn to Pray because, as a Victor, she did not treat him differently. He approached her soon after his victory and she was impressed that he wasn't terrified of her like most people. They began a relationship that has lasted ever since and produced one daughter, Enobaria.

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  • Rudolph was made by JeanthehorsePanda98, who did not specify his District. I've always assumed it was Seven. He just seemed like a Seven.