Porter Millicent Tripp is the Victor of the 38th Hunger Games.


Porter on her Victory Tour

Games Description Edit

Arena: Mountain forest

Porter was an unconventional Tribute who won in an unconventional way. She knew she had no chance of winning in a fight, and instead she focused on charming the Capitol. All throughout the pre-Games, she praised the Capitol and waxed eloquent on how thankful she was for the luxuries she received. Knowing that Capitolites are vain, she made a concentrated effort to maintain her appearance in the Arena, bathing in cold mountain springs and using berries to approximate makeup. Because of this, she gained many sponsors. They sent her useful things, such as food, between loads of useless things, like cosmetics. With their assistance, she was able to survive the hardships of the Arena. She was also lucky enough to avoid the Arena's mutt, a monstrously large cat. The only trouble came in the finale of the Games, when her opponent found her and they both tumbled off a cliff. Both she and the boy were critically injured in the fall, but Porter's luck held and he died first.

Personality Edit

Above all, Porter is pragmatic. She knows that the Capitol runs Panem and does not hesitate to suck up in order to survive. She plays the role they know they want to see in a Victor. She is also fond of luxuries and pretty things, so it is an easy task for her.

Since the Games, Porter has made many appearances in the Capitol. She is a Capitol favorite and never fails to tell them what they want to hear. She has a retinue of rich Capitolite patrons, though she is rich herself and does not need them. She humors them only for security.

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Trivia Edit

  • Porter has made guest appearances on many Capitol soap operas.
  • During her Victory Tour, Porter was confined to a neck brace as she recovered from her injuries.