Peridot poses for a publicity photo celebrating her victory

Peridot Clarity is the Victor of the 20th Hunger Games

Games Description Edit

Arena: Sandstone gorge

The prohibitively high stone spires of the Arena made it difficult for Tributes to flee the Bloodbath, resulting in a record-setting twelve Tributes killed. Peridot stayed with the Career pack throughout the next five days, helping them slaughter Tributes until only three were left. Foreseeing the upcoming Career battle, Peridot hatched a plan. She had formed a close friendship with Danae Dahl, the girl from Two, and they were up at night keeping watch. She convinced Danae to betray the other Careers and kill them in their sleep. Together, the girls were able to kill the rest of the Career pack with little resistance. As Danae lifted her hand for a high five, Peridot stabbed her with her sword, apologizing as her friend died. She easily found and killed the remaining three Tributes.

Personality Edit

Peridot has little patience for anemic Careers. She wholeheartedly believes in view of the Games taught by her District. She values success above all else and believes that the ends justify the means. She sustained no damage from her experiences in the Arena, and while she wishes Danae did not have to die, she does not regret killing her.

Post-Games, Peridot has enjoyed a conventional One Victor life of making appearances in the Capitol, teaching occasionally at the Academy, and generally being a celebrity.

Successful Mentorships Edit

Rhoda Hamilton

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Trivia Edit

  • Peridot is among the Capitol's favorite Careers and is trusted with information withheld from most Panemians