Games Description Edit

Arena: Mangrove Swamp

Peppermint entered the Games with her twin brother, Apollo, who refused to let her enter them by herself. The two refused to ally with anyone else, and entered the Games with their heads held high. Apollo watched her back as she grabbed as many supplies as she possibly could from the Cornucopia before retreating into a canal to escape Venus. Sadly, fate caught up to them and their good fortune ended when Venus attacked and killed Apollo on the third day. Pepper avoided injury and held her brother's hand as he was dying, swearing the she would avenge her brother to her dying breath.

It came down to three tributes on Day 5 of the Games: Pepper, Venus, and Celestial. Together, Pepper and Celestial formed an alliance to defeat Venus, setting fire to the forest in order to lure her out or possibly do the brunt effort for them. Unfortunately, Celestial was killed by one of Venus's knives and died with the otter-like mutt Pepper placed in her arms, after reassuring her before the final death. Two cannons went off after each other and Pepper was named Victor of the 24th Hunger Games.

Personality Edit

Pepper was always an incredibly feisty person, full of sarcasm and cheek. She was shown to only be soft around two people in her Games experience, her brother Apollo and Celestial. She was the more high maintenance of both the twins and was constantly a nuisance to Apollo, but that didn't mean she did not love him. She was always happier around him, whether it was before he died or in the Resurrection games, but lost control after he died again and again in front of her eyes.

Pepper was aggressive enough to take down Venus, showing her grudge against the girl who had taken down her best friend, but had times of being both sweet and caring. She reassured Celestial about the otters and seemed conflicted after Venus's death for a few moments, stating that she looked like "a girl, not a murderer".

Appearance Edit

She was shown to be pretty, though she took no care in her appearance. She had long auburn curls and emerald colored eyes. Both Pepper and Apollo were startlingly different than most people in District 11, as her father was originally from the Capitol.