Mars after the Games


Mars before the Games

Mars Ingalls is the Victor of the 12th Hunger Games

Games Description Edit

Arena: Subterranean cave network

Mars did not participate in the Bloodbath, despite his massive size. He wanted nothing to do with violence and ran from the Cornucopia. However, he was not fast enough to avoid seeing what happened next. The Careers piled into the Cornucopia, which was contained in an elevator suspended over an open shaft. Some of the other Tributes followed in an attempt to gain supplies, and their combined weight proved too much. The rope suspending the elevator snapped, carrying half the Tributes to their deaths in an instant. Only one Career was outside the elevator when it fell- the boy from Two. He killed another two Tributes at the Bloodbath, making it the deadliest in Games history.

Mars had little contact with the other Tributes in the Arena. He kept to himself and hid in the dark tunnels, trying to avoid fights. Some days later, a voice in the tunnels announced a feast at the Cornucopia. Fearing retaliation if he disobeyed, Mars attended. There were four Tributes left, and two of them were dead when Mars got to the feast. The remaining Tribute was sitting at a table eating fruit. Before the two of them could interact, the boy's skin started to peel off and he fell into convulsions. Death came slowly, and he pleaded for Mars to hasten it. It was the last thing Mars ever wanted to do, and he wept as he gained first place.

Personality Edit

Mars is soft-spoken and timid. He usually feels that the people around him are above his station and he dos not want to trouble him. He is wracked with guilt over what happened to the boy at the feast, and it damaged his already low self-esteem. He is self-conscious of his large frame and muscles and likes to stand by walls so he doesn't get in the way of people trying to walk by. He is afraid of the dark, small spaces, and bats.

After the Games, Mars retreated to a quiet life in Eleven. He dislikes going to the Capitol and prefers to stay in his house at the Victors' Village, socializing with other Victors and whoever comes by to visit. He is often afraid that people will blame him for what happened in the Games, so he favors younger people who were born after his Games. He loves children and likes to give them horse rides.

Successful mentorships Edit

Frankie Disney

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Trivia Edit

  • Mars suffers from dyslexia. He did not know that until years after his Games, when a Capitol doctor happened to mention it. He had thought he was simply stupid, and when the condition was explained to him, it helped his self-esteem greatly. He has since made great improvements in reading ability and is able to help Tributes with similar struggles.