Makarios Komenus is the Victor of the sixth Hunger Games.


Games Description Edit

Arena: Deciduous forest

The sixth Hunger Games was when everything changed. Having come to know that the Capitol wasn't going to change its mind, District Two seized control of the Games by training Tributes to fight. Makarios had eight months of training before he was Reaped, and in an Arena of untrained Tributes, he had no competition. He mowed through the others effortlessly, breaking Orchard's record with six kills. The Games were over in four days, and the only time Makarios had any trouble was with a large boy from Ten.

Personality Edit

Makarios' parents thought he was only training to prepare for the worst-case scenario. In reality, he wanted to see if he was strong enough to win. He is athletic and competitive by nature and is willing to take great risk for the possibility of great reward. He is aggressive, proactive, and impulsive. His inability to look into the future or at other people's perspectives made him ideal for the Games.

Since his time in the Arena, Makarios has matured. While he does not regret his time in the Games, being a product of a violent and ruthless District, he no longer feels the need to seek out challenges. This change came about largely because of the death of his brother, Belisarius, in the 28th Games. Despite this loss, Makarios is still an avid supporter of the Academy and spends much of his time training and preparing future volunteers.

Successful Mentorships Edit

Quora Liebniz

Crag Steiner

Talent Edit

Card tricks

Trivia Edit

  • Makarios is the first Tribute to ever volunteer for the Games
  • He is also the first Victor from Two
  • For the 28th Games, Makarios mentored his little brother Belisarius. Belisarius drowned in the Arena