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Mags Cohen is the Victor of the 13th Hunger Games

Games Description Edit

Arena: Mountain and valley

When the Cornucopia was revealed, the Tributes saw it contained nothing but weapons. The Careers were overjoyed and so was Mags, but for a different reason. She knew that survival took more than fighting skills, and she had years of experience with fishing and gathering food. She fled from the Bloodbath as her ally Wish looked for a weapon to kill her. She settled by a river and went to work catching fish and purifying water.

For Mags, the Games were almost a vacation. She stayed in her perch through the following days, moving only to hide when the other Careers got too close. She had few challenges and remained strong and healthy as the other Tributes slowly died of dysentery and then starvation.

Personality Edit

Mags is the most solitary of the Victors. She is sweet and friendly and socializes readily if approached, but most people overlook and overestimate her. Her psyche was mostly unscathed from the Arena, due to her isolation from the others and comfortable situation. She remains much the same unassuming, welcoming woman she was before.

Mags prefers a quiet life in Four, regarding her trips to the Capitol as a nuisance. She is known by her charges to be a doting and caring mentor. She shares a close friendship with her mentee Finnick Odair, who is among the few who recognizes her unsung skills.

Successful Mentorships Edit

Shelle McDan

Careen Ellis

Finnick Odair

Talent Edit


Trivia Edit

  • During the Dark Days, Mags was injured when a piece of shrapnel hit her during a raid. The wound caused moderate aphasia, which hindered her ability to speak before the Games. She was offered medical assistance after the Games, but she declined, no longer feeling the need to speak at all. When she needs to communicate with her mentees, she primarily uses sign language.
  • To date, Mags is the only Career Victor to win without killing anyone.