Havelock is the District Four Male Tribute in the 52nd Hunger Games. He is the younger brother of late District Four Tribute, Floki Grimm.

Biography: Edit

Havelock was only four when his brother died so thus never got attached. He originaly took part in Training as most children did. However, when his parents got ready to pull him out aged nine, the Mayor stepped in and offered a free scolarship. At first, his parents agreed, thinking he would fail and nothing more would come of it. The Mayor had rounded up a group of children that had a District One "Look" in the hopes to recreate the luck this District had experianced. However, Havelock proved to have it all, the skill, the height, the stubonness, power and looks. His family and himself were quickl offered free training for until he was eighteen, as long as he volunteered. His family refused at first but then the Mayor threated their fishing vesel and business, putting them out of work and on the streets. To stop this happening, Havelock agreed, telling himself he would pull out before the reaping. However, everytime he tried to pull out, the same threat was thrown at his family and the money and food that flooded in (Given in order to keep Havelock tied to them) they would lose everything if their son did not volunteer.

Even now, as a Tribute, Havelock worries that if he does not return home, his family will suffer because of his lack of victory after all the money poured into him.