Harmony was the District 9 Female tribute in the 39th Hunger Games. She was brought back for the special Birthday Games.

One in a million, Harmony was a bird of her own. It was like hardship and Panem could never get her down; her only reality was her family, the fields, and her songs. They filled her heart and swelled her until there was nothing to look to but the sky, and burst into wild music.

Game Description (39th Hunger Games) Edit

The morning of the Reaping, Harmony took to the fields to watch the sun rise.

During training, she never focused too hard on learning anything besides survival skills. She was busy thinking and planning, watching the others and worrying over how she could fit into this harsh new reality.

Harmony died in the bloodbath, as career Jynx Susurus locked onto her and ran her down. She hadn't even been going in, but was sprinting for the woods. Bleeding and hardly able to move, stabbed low in her chest, she saw another girl fighting for air. She crawled to the side of District 10 Female Calista Coral, and sang to her as they died.

"Lay down your head and rest They'll never hurt you now You're beyond the reach Of anyone who's cruel I'm right here, this I vow"

"You've come to journey's end I'm here You have a friend So close your eyes and rest Until the dawn"

Birthday Games Edit

Harmony was brought back at the whim of Rose Snow, daughter of the famous president, who on her tenth birthday was allowed to choose ten tributes to come back and fight it out in her honor.

On the ninth day of the Games, the party arena lost its songbird.

Personality Edit

Harmony lived in her own world to some degree. She tried to accept where she lived and just deal with it. Panem wasn't so bad when doing your best to make it good. She was optimistic, and strongly emotional, though she rarely showed feeling. She let most of her life play out in her head, doing good where she could in the outside world.

Trivia Edit

  • There was another singing tribute in Harmony's games: Delilah Clementine.
  • Harmony got her name because of her mother Bryony's love of music.
  • The spacious skies and amber waves of grain in the fields of District 9 gave Harmony room to let her voice soar, and beauty to form words.