Harmony Calesque was the female District Ten Tribute for the Twenty-Fifth Hunger Games.


Harmony next to a captured horse

Pre-Games Life Edit

At home in Ten, Harmony helped her family with farm work. She mostly aided in catching wild horses for the other workers to use. She was voted into the Games because she possessed one of the captured horses. This, along with her dreamy personality, led others to think she considered herself better than others.

Games Description Edit

Arena: War-torn wasteland

Harmony did not hold any illusions about her abilities in the Games. She immediately fled the Bloodbath, but the wide-open plain around the Cornucopia hindered her ability to escape undetected. She caught the eye of Beth O'Darielle of District Twelve, who chased her down and and stabbed her to death with a knife. Beth intended to inflict more pain on Harmony, but she was scared off by one of Frankie Disney's arrows. She stole Harmony's token, a horse necklace, as she left.

Placing Edit


Personality Edit

In a cruel twist, Harmony was voted into the Games because people mistook her for the opposite of what she was. Harmony was a quiet dreamer who saw the best in everything and was always kind to others. She tended to have her head in the clouds and never saw Panem as badly as others, which led them to believe she wasn't taking things seriously. She loved horses, especially her Pinto, Clover.

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