Dane Varity was the male District Four Tribute in the 24th Hunger Games.


Description said "muscular fisherman, long hair, ponytail". The answer was obvious

Background Edit

Dane lived a quiet life as a fisherman with his father in Four after they lost his mother to a shark. He was not an Academy student and did not volunteer for the Games. Although Four had a Career presence by that time, it was not yet as deeply entrenched as One and Two, and that year, no one was confident and bold enough to volunteer. Dane was startled but conservatively confident.

Games Description Edit

Dane allied with the Careers but kept to himself in the Capitol, interacting only with District partner Celestial Yeager, with whom he developed a short-lived and tentative romance. In the Bloodbath, he refrained from killing anyone but did get into a skirmish with Peppermint Wilson, who did not know he was not attacking her. She stabbed him with a rock, opening a cut on his arm.

Shortly into the Games, Dane was sponsored a box of macarons, which he shared with the other Careers.

Dane's first attempt to hunt came when he found Harvey Willis of District Six crouching beside the water. As Dane prepared to attack, Harvey was seized and killed by a crocodile muttation.

As Dane wandered, having abandoned the Careers, his arm began to give him trouble. Though the cut was shallow and there was no sign of infection, his arm ached and felt stiff. The stiffness spread throughout his body until he could barely move, and he found that his throat spasmed every time he tried to drink water.

A few days later, Celestial came across Dane convulsing and foaming at the mouth. They confessed their feelings for each other and he urged her to win before he died of the tetanus Peppermint infected him with and he never knew he had.

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Personality Edit

Despite his muscular appearance, Dane was unconfident and worried about the Games. He had no desire to risk his life and would have preferred that one of the volunteers take his place. He was naturally a compassionate and loving boy, but he was able to put that aside in order to survive in the Games.