Dahlia Rowan was the female District Seven Tribute for the 25th Hunger Games.


Dahlia annoyed that she has not yet gotten something she wants

Pre-Games Life Edit

Dahlia was the most popular girl her age in her town. She used her innocent good looks and manipulation skills to get other people to give her what she wanted. Ironically, she was voted into the Games by people who thought no one else would vote for such a little angel.

Games Edit

Arena: War-torn wasteland

Before the Games began, Dahlia implemented her strategy of finding someone to ally with and use as a shield. She found her target in Ardun Majami, the naive boy from Twelve who thought Dahlia actually wanted to be his friend. Dahlia intended to have him run into the Bloodbath while she stayed safely behind. After Ardun was killed in the Bloodbath Dahlia started to run off on her own. As she was running, she was shot in the back and killed by Frankie Disney of District Eleven.

Placing Edit


Personality Edit

Dahlia thought of nothing but herself, using her looks and wiles to get whatever she wanted. She was the leader of a toxic clique of popular girls in Seven, and her affections or disinclinations could make or break a girl in her class. She constantly overestimated her skills and capabilities, which led to her death when she failed to recognize the dangers of the Bloodbath.

Trivia Edit

  • Dahlia's dream was to visit District Four. Her token, an anchor necklace, reflected this.
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