Crag after losing his children, Ember and Shui, to the Hunger Games.


Crag smilingly demonstrating how to hold an apple

Crag Steiner is the Victor of the 21st Hunger Games

Games Description Edit

Arena: Dry, arid plain

Crag and the Careers took out seven of the Tributes in the Bloodbath. Seven more were dead by morning- five from dehydration and two from coyote mutts. Within three days, only the Careers and three others remained. Crag began to pick off his allies while hunting in pairs with them. When the three survivors found out, they initiated the final Career battle. Crag killed two of them and the survivor, Tsu Lao of Four, died within the day of dehydration. Crag soon hunted down and killed his three last opponents with a mace.

Personality Edit

Crag was never as fervent as his Career peers. He viewed the Games as a chance to secure a future and a fortune, not a chance to gain glory with great deeds. He was pragmatic and not above fighting dirty. He did not care about pleasing the crowd or making a name for his District, nor did he take pleasure in killing. He viewed the Games as a job and successfully completed it.

As a mentor, Crag was businesslike and practical. He urged his charges to keep their heads and not get carried away with ideals of fame and valor.

43rd Hunger Games Edit

Crag's life was changed when his children went into the Games. His daughter Ember had trained for years and he fully expected her to win easily. His life changed when the Reaping was rigged to send his untrained, sensitive son Shui, who had angered a man with connections to the Capitol. Practical even when brokenhearted, Crag did his best to counsel Ember through what they both knew was the inevitable loss of Shui. Although he kept on a brave face, Crag was devastated at the turn of events and spent much of the Games weeping as he watched his children face death. He buried his feelings when Shui died and focused all his thoughts on the hope that Ember would come home to him. When she died in third place, he could no longer hold back.

Since the loss of his children, Crag has lost all affection for the Games. He bitterly rues his participation and wishes he had died so he never could have had children just to lose them. He retreated to his house in the Victor's Village and rarely comes out, though he has achieved some small amount of healing as time goes by.

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Trivia Edit

  • Crag is the first Victor with children who entered the Games
  • Crag's weapon of choice is the mace