Aspen Matthews was the male District Twelve Tribute in the 24th Hunger Games.


Aspen in his interview outfit

Background Edit

Aspen lived a normal life in Twelve before the Reaping. At the time, he was waiting for his sweetheart Elle to be ready to start dating.

Games Description Edit

Aspen allied with Valerie Fallow, his District partner. Neither took anything from the Bloodbath.

Aspen and Valerie stayed together throughout the Games, enjoying a supply of sponsor gifts. Aspen attempted to make a bow an arrow out of sticks, but his weapon proved uninspiring. Fortunately, he was then sponsored a manufactured model.

Four days into the Games, Aspen and Valerie were attacked and killed by Venus Lorieta.

Placing Edit


Personality Edit

Aspen was the Arena clown. He was always sunny and cheerful, even when he got Reaped. He made friends easily and kept them just as easily. He enjoyed entertaining Valerie and was popular with sponsors across the Capitol.